Caleb Dolister

Daily Thumbprint Collection 3, The Wandering (Orenda Records)

Caleb Dolister (b 1981), is a composer & drummer in NYC. He was raised by musician parents; father is a bassist, his mother is a singer, guitarist, and pianist He studied jazz performance at the University of Nevada in Reno, but his roots formed in childhood while performing with the family band. Today, he’s known for his tenure with post-jazz ensemble The Kandinsky Effect (Paris FR, Cuneiform Records, Ropeadope Records) and LA’s metal/jazz/electronic quintet DR MiNT. Dolister founded indie-label SNP Records and developed a digital music distribution platform called Tunepatch which is a free promo tool for bands.

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Adam Agati, Guitar
Adam Benjamin, Rhodes
Dorothy Bowers Wu, Flute
Caleb Dolister, Drums
Peter Epstein, Saxophone
Garett Grow, Piano
Ryan Hall, Guitar
James Hoover, Saxophones and Effects
Drew Jorgensen, Vibraphone
Sam Minaie, Electric Bass
Alex Noice, Guitar
Charlie Pate, Mandolin
Charith Premawardhana, Viola
Dan Rosenboom, Trumpet
Marina Roznitovsky Oster, Harp
Tristan Selzler, Trombone & Accordion
Perry Smith, Guitar
Charles Taggart, Cello
Adam Theis, Trombone & Tuba
Gavin Templeton, Saxophone
Zack Teran, Upright Bass
Brian Walsh, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Kati Wentink, Viola and Violin

Track Listing

  1. 080620 [the second place]
  2. 090921 [the one that went away]
  3. 090210 [the eavesdropper]
  4. 080721 [the machinist]
  5. 081227 [the formalist]
  6. 070501 [the acrobat]
  7. 080904 [the strategist]
  8. 090510 [the drifter]
  9. 081205 [the one that lost their way]
  10. 081214 [the finalist]

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