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Cygnus X-1 (self-released)

The music of modern jazz composer Jeff Novotny is a bold, adventurous mix which defies easy categorization. Styles such as rock, metal, EDM, ska, and world music combine with an overarching jazz character to create a dynamic, modern sound. Jeff studied classical music at the University of Pittsburgh and jazz composition at the University of Massachusetts, where he received a Master of Music (M.M.) degree. He has written and produced music for large and small jazz groups, solo piano, concert band, orchestra, and electronics. A native of Pittsburgh, he is now based in Phoenix.

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Jeff Novotny: programming, sound design
Jason Kendall, Jeff Miguel: saxophone
Joe Gransden, Dave Smith: trumpet
Gregory Rossetti, Oleg Maksimov: guitar
Jeff Muzerolle, Nikita Nikitin, Dino Mangafic:: drum programming
Matias Menarguez: drums
Ozan Tapan: vocals
Engel Solomon: sound design
All tracks composed/arranged by Jeff Novotny

Track Listing

  1. 1. Cygnus X-1
  2. 2. Supercritical
  3. 3. Captain Kangaroo vs. Sex Robots
  4. 4. No One Is Flying The Plane
  5. 5. Decarboxylation
  6. 6. I Can't Wait to Never Do That Again
  7. 7. Incontinental Breakfast
  8. 8. Harold Brown

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