Claudio Scolari Project

Cosmology (Principal Records)

The Claudio Scolari Project releases its fifth album “Cosmology”: the soundtrack of an imaginary journey into space, where acoustic and electronic sounds blend together in an endless dialogue.

Claudio Scolari
Drummer, composer, percussionist, teacher at the conservatory and member of the most prestigious symphonic orchestras of Italy, Scolari is the founder of this modern jazz music project. He has been the guide of this new original music and he always had the ability to involve and inspire his musicians so as to draw out the best of their musical expression.

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CLAUDIO SCOLARI: Drum set 1, Synth Programming
DANIELE CAVALCA: Drum Set 2, Live Synths, Rhodes, Piano

Track Listing

  1. 1. Dark Matter
  2. 2. Magnitude
  3. 3. Hyper Galaxy
  4. 4. Aurora
  5. 5. Zenith
  6. 6. Spectrum
  7. 7. Cosmology
  8. 8. Blue Shift
  9. 9. Aphelion
  10. 10. Lunation
  11. 11. Black Hole
  12. 12. Collision
  13. 13. Nebula

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