Andrew Binder's Conspiracy Deliracy

Conspiracy Deliracy (Self-Released)

Conspiracy Deliracy, the brainchild of bassist and composer Andrew Binder, features original compositions crossed between modern jazz, pop music icons, their music, and conspiracy theories. Recipient of a 2023 Urbana Arts Grant, the music is tongue-in-cheek commentary on today’s delusional era of misinformation, sensitively interpreted by some of the Midwest’s top jazz musicians.
Bigfoot, Area 51, and the faked moon landing… birds are actually government surveillance drones… Stevie Wonder isn’t actually blind… Avril Lavigne is dead and replaced by a doppelganger… Katy Perry is a shape-shifting reptilian… and Beyoncé is a part of the Illuminati?
You won’t believe it until you hear it for yourself.

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Andrew Binder, bass & compositions
Justin Dyar, trumpet
Brian Stark, woodwinds
Frank Niemeyer, trombone
Jose Gobbo, guitar
Kurt Reeder, keys
Max Osawa, drums

Track Listing

  1. Squatch Watch
  2. Stevie Isn't Blind
  3. Mandela Effect
  4. Rush for Area 51
  5. Moonwalk
  6. Katy is a Lizard
  7. Dark Side of the Mattress Firm
  8. Birds Aren't Real (Intro)
  9. Birds Aren't Real
  10. Avril is Dead
  11. Beyonce is the Illuminati

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