Justin Chart & COLORSTORM

COLORSTORM VI (Iron Mountain Records)

COLORSTORM is an unquenchable Force of Energy and Nature Forever changing, reaching out from within We are a team of Truth, giving all who listen the sound that is our soul to create a vibration and self interpretation in the moment, never to be heard in the same way again We paint a Soundscape That can only happen with the connection of open minds and open hearts. COLORSTORM is recorded LIVE, and in one take in Los Angeles. The Magic is in The Moment. We are Justin Chart & COLORSTORM

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Justin Chart
Pedro Bernard
Abel Belano
Zach Andrews

Track Listing

  1. 1. The Wanderlust Whirlwind 08:47 2. Can't Fly So I Play 09:10 3.Facin' Thunder 06:29 4.Overtones Over You 07:12 5.Here Is For You 07:38 6 .In Between The Jazz 04:26 7. Golden Life 06:07 8. This Hit's Me Right Where I Live 06:21 9. Write On 08:30 10. Yeah Man, I'm Diggin' That 06:04 11. A Trick Of Light 07:14

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz