Vance Provey, Bob Gorry, Paul Gunsberg

Collective Expression (NHIC Records)

Debut album from the improvising trio of Vance Provey (Trumpet), Bob Gorry (Guitar), and Paul Gunsberg (Drums and Saxophone), is a focused musical exploration with three distinct personalities combining into a unified expression of the musical moment. Provey has played with Bill Dixon and taught with him at Bennington, Also played with Stephen Haynes, Butch Morris, Rhys Chatam, Gunter Hampel, Bora Bergman, Whit Dickey, and Eric Zinman. Gorry leads the New Haven Improviser Collective and the Multiplex Music series with Joe Morris. Also played with Butch Morris, Allen Lowe and many others. Gunsberg studied percussion at NEC.

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Vance Provey - Trumpet
Bob Gorry - Guitar
Paul Gunsberg - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Cyclone
  2. Extraction
  3. Miles to Go
  4. Convolution
  5. Strap Hanger
  6. Savage Detectives
  7. Iron Mike
  8. Still Time

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