Quintin Gerard W.

Cleared For Takeoff (O.T.S. Music!)

When Scott O’Brien from smoothjazz.com dubbed Quintin Gerard W. a ” Smooth Jazz Star,” he got the “Star” part right, but “Smooth” is only one part of the equation for this romantic and highly rhythmic player who rightly brands himself “The FnkySax Player.” In defining what he does, the versatile composer and performer mentions elements of funk, R&B, gospel, blues and jazz, and all these textures are wonderfully and amply represented on his latest album – Cleared For Takeoff. – Jonathan Widran

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Quintin Gerard W. (Saxophones), Lemek Yisrael (Guitars), David Harris (Guitars), Yahel Yisrael (Keyboards/Synths), Kamau Kenyatta (Keys), Richard "Chef RnB" Sellers (Drums), Nathan Brown (Bass), Heather Jakeman (Vocals), Nikki Allen (Vocals), Lauren Hubbard (Vocals).

Track Listing

  1. ATC Clearance (Intro)
  2. Cruisin' On Taxi Way
  3. Air Beneath Your Wings
  4. Attitude Indicator
  5. Visibility Is Ten Miles
  6. Cleared For Takeoff
  7. I Wished I Could Fly Back Then (Interlude)
  8. Candlelight Flight With Me
  9. Latin Layover
  10. Changing Signs
  11. Times Like These
  12. Roundtrip LAX
  13. Have A Safe Flight Home
  14. He Loves To Play For YAHWEH (Bonus Track)

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