Noah Denton

Clairvoyance (Phonolithic)

In the early summer of 2020 at the height of the pandemic, the young teens Luke Sterling and Noah Denton, began collaborating on a small musical project over the internet. Coming from opposite sides of America, they discovered a connection which resulted in what they believe to be some of their finest work yet, their upcoming record, “Clairvoyance.” The Record is a blend of Rock and Classical forms expressed through Jazz idioms, inspired by a wide variety of artists from Ligeti to The Beatles. Having gained praise from many esteemed artists/organizations, Clairvoyance is a testament to future of music!

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Noah Denton - Composer/Bass
Luke Sterling - Co-Composer/Keyboards
Justin Stanton - Trumpet
Zac Zinger - Saxophone
Dave Eggar - Cello
Luke Markham - Drums (Tracks 1&5)
Raghav Mehrotra - Drums (Track 2)
CUBE - Vocals (Track 5)
CUBE - Audio Engineer
Benjamin Francis - Assistant Audio Engineer

Track Listing

  1. Track 1: Clairvoyance/Signifier
  2. Track 2: Oculus
  3. Track 3: Apex
  4. Track 4: Either/Or
  5. Track 5: Book of Red

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