City Jazz (evosound)

4te! ’s name is a play on the word “forte,” which is the musical dynamic for loud or strong. The name is an apt representation of the tremendous talents of the seasoned musicians behind it. 4te! comprises musical director/producer/pianist KRIZ B (鮑比達), whom was awarded the Hong Kong Golden Melody Award in 2022, drummer Hang Tzu “Fish” Yu, guitarist Alan Kwan, and bassist Tsang Tak Hong. The group is best-known for crafting music in the pop-jazz fusion genre.

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Track Listing

  1. 1) Tantalizing
  2. 2) Hana
  3. 3) Don't Go
  4. 4) Sayonara
  5. 5) Fall In Love
  6. 6) Men & Women
  7. 7) Sunset Melody
  8. 8) Plastic Love
  9. 9) Red Wine Heart
  10. 10) Sky

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