Sunjae Lee

Channel (Self Released)

A full-time Naturopathy and Oriental Medicine practitioner in Korea, Sunjae is a Korean-American originally from Boston. He studied music from an early age, starting at Rivers Music School, then at the NEC prep program, and finally at the Eastman School of Music. Active in the jazz scenes of Boston and Portland (where he studied natural medicine for 6 years), Sunjae brought his experiences to Korea, where he seeks to foster an underground jazz scene in Seoul while running his clinics and painting on the side.

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Sunjae Lee- tenor, soprano, alto saxophones

Track Listing

  1. Cat Call
  2. Adderall
  3. Dream All
  4. Cat Fall
  5. Sink Hall
  6. End All
  7. Lecture Hall

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz