Change Lanes (Joydoe Music Publishing)

Balance9, truly have a future-minded respect for the 9 elements of Composition, It means a lot to us where music goes from here. The Radio and online success of the last album Inside Out carries the concept of Healing and forging a path toward elevating Creativity, Change Lanes has The same disciplined Layers and Tribal qualities. Tracy M and APJ will be Healing even more on this Junior album.

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Track Listing

  1. Balance9
  2. Change Lanes
  3. Mambacity
  4. Fox Strut (Imo. J Fox Lewis ’22) feat. T. Diaz
  5. My Sensitivity (Gets In The Way)
  6. Jazz To Go
  7. Love Again (feat. Alexandra (Natani) Taylor)
  8. Change lanes
  9. Canon a Round
  10. Jazzy Mind

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