Caught in the Rain at the Tea Shop (Dubsoul Records)

Copenhagen-based Jazz-hybrid collective, Jiyu, enters a chilled, dreamy instrumental downbeat Jazz, on their debute album, produced by composer and jazz guitar player, Emil Jonathan Soeegaard. Trumpet player, Bo Rande, vibraphone player, Carsten Skov and bass player Lennart Ginman, has a big impact on the sound, and the four singles released before the album, have made it to some serious jazz playlists, and are supported by radio dj’s from UK to Japan. Besides the singles, Jiyu reveals a deeper, vulnerable and meditative side on the album, reflecting a spiritual “freeform” approach to music. Or as they say in Japanese -Jiyu.

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Emil Jonathan Soeegaard: Guitar
Bo Rande: Flugelhorn, pocket trumpet and synths.
Carsten Skov: Vibraphone.
Lennart Ginman: Upright Bass.
Kinck: Vocals.
Lukas Rande: Tenor sax, alto sax and flute.
Thomas Dietl: Brushes.
A.C. Woodman: Wurlitzer on Parallel Dreams.
All additional instruments, electric bass, synths and beats etc. by E. J. Soeegaard

Track Listing

  1. 01. Woman Behind The Sun
  2. 02. So Many Moons to Go
  3. 03. Caught in the Rain at the Tea Shop
  4. 04. Before the Cicadas Awaken
  5. 05. Who Rules the World
  6. 06. King of Mañana
  7. 07. Parallel Dreams
  8. 08. Some Things Never Change
  9. 09. The Pinewoods on the Mountain

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