Nick Finzer

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Nick Finzer is one of the most dynamic musicians of the millennial generation An award-winning composer, arranger, producer, educator and trombonist, Finzer is bringing the joy and power of Jazz to traditional fans and the most modern 21st century audiences He’s on a mission to be a passionate voice defining the sound of Jazz in this age while also bringing street cred to the trombone with a bold, tight sound.

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Nick Finzer - Trombone
Lucas Pino - Tenor Sax & Bass Clarinet
Alex Wintz - Guitar
Glenn Zaleski - Piano
Dave Baron - Bass
Jimmy Macbride - Drums

Track Listing

  1. A Sorcerer (Is A Myth)
  2. Intro To...
  3. Evolution Of Perspective
  4. Brutus (The Contemporary)
  5. Intro To...
  6. Patience, Patience
  7. A Duke
  8. (Take The) Fork In The Road
  9. The Weatherman
  10. Venus
  11. Intro To...
  12. You'll Never Know The Alternative
  13. The Guru
  14. We're More Than The Sum Of Our Influences

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz