Jenna McLean

Brighter Day (Moddl Records)

Jenna McLean is a jazz vocalist and Colorado native with degrees in classical vocal performance and jazz studies. Jenna is currently pursuing a doctorate in Jazz Studies at UNC and collaborates regularly with many outstanding Denver talents including Eric Gunnison, Ben Markley, and many others. With a love and devotion for jazz, funk, soul and classical genres, she maintains the belief that all music is good music as long as it speaks to the soul and grooves.

“[Jenna’s] pure performance is a welcome tonic to jaded ears that just want it true and direct.” – Midwest Record

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Jenna McLean - vocals
Steve Kovalcheck - guitar
Tom Amend - piano
Seth Lewis - bass
Brian Claxton - drums

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Long Ago and Far Away
  3. Lover Man
  4. Gentleman Friend
  5. Strong and Wrong
  6. Fee Fi Fo Fum
  7. Brighter Day
  8. I'm Glad There is You
  9. Sunday

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz