Nikola Bankov

Bright Future (AMP Music & Records AS)

Nikola Bankov is a young, only 20 years old Slovak saxophonist/composer Nikola is currently based in Denmark, where he’s studying at The Royal Academy of Music In 2015 he was awarded at the New Faces of Slovak Jazz Competition with prize “Discovery of the festival His debut album ‘Bright Future’ emerges as Nikola’s definitive statement, merging inspiring and catchy melodies with a refreshingly original sound The record features world-renowned tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake (USA) Bankov and Blake experiment with a range of FX effects applied to the sound of the saxophone, adding a new set of colours.

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Nikola Bankov - alto saxophone/compositions
Seamus Blake - tenor saxophone
Jonas Gravlund - guitar
August Korsgaard - synths
John Riddell - drums

Track Listing

  1. Hope You'll Get It
  2. December 16
  3. Song for my Country
  4. Mind Bubble
  5. Vibin' in Denmark
  6. For All We Love
  7. Bright Future

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