Echoes of Zoo

BREAKOUT (W.E.R.F Records)

With ‘BREAKOUT’, Echoes of Zoo push their adrenaline fueled jazz sounds to thrilling new levels. Rarely did one single word capture an entire musical atmosphere this accurately: the gates of the ca – ges fell open and won’t ever be shut again ‘BREAKOUT’ celebrates breaking loose and is constantly seeking for unexpected and exciting encounters – both culturally and musically.

The Belgian collective plays their psychedelic jazz sounds with a true punk attitude, under the high tension of Middle Eastern rock music with the striking complexity of West African percussion and a few Dub flavors.

Available 03/05/2021
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Nathan Daems (saxophone, percussion, compositions)
Bart Vervaeck (electric guitar)
Lieven Van Pée (electric bas)
Falk Schrauwen (drums)

Track Listing

  1. 1.Breakout
  2. 2.Monkey Burns Lab
  3. 3.Bull Blood Boiling
  4. 4.Rilke's Panther
  5. 5.Dance Around Bullets
  6. 6.Lab Mouse Mayhem
  7. 7.Adrenaline Run
  8. 8.Diversionary Tactics

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