Both Sides of the Moon (Smarty-Mart-Records)

TAPE FIVE, the multinational retro music project has, since 2004, produced 8 albums and many EPs and singles. They generate millions of streams across the usual platforms and have shared the stage with some of the great pop and jazz artists around the world even playing for presidents! Tape Five’s songs are heard in adverts, TV and film and appear on more than a 1000 compilations worldwide. In 2010 they became renowned as the “pioneers of Electroswing”. Out now, TAPE FIVE’s 8th album: “Both Sides of the Moon”

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Track Listing

  1. 01. You Rascal You
  2. 02. Big Blue Swing
  3. 03. Geraldines Stomp Routine
  4. 04. Tommy Gun Shuffle
  5. 05. Get Down to Luna Park (shuffle mix)
  6. 06. Play me Friday Night
  7. 07. Backdoor Strut
  8. 08. Jambalaya
  9. 09. Lil Rascal Theme
  10. 10. Somerset Freshness (album edit)
  11. 11. Show me the Fire
  12. 12. Baker Street
  13. 13. A Lazy Summer Day (remastered)

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