Janet Laing/Wanda and The Way It Is

Bongo Machito de la Vega (Wanda and The Way It Is)

This is Janet Laing’s first music video for her band, Wanda and The Way It Is. It comes off her Epiphany album released in 2014. Bongo Machito de la Vega is her cat, Puerto Rican with Mexican stripes, who keeps crossing the Mexican border into the US because like the rich and powerful, he has no borders.

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Pam Fleming, Lily White, Jenny Hill: Horns
Geoffrey Wright: Bass
Bernice Boom Boom Brooks: Drums
Sean Dixon: Horn Engineer/Percussion
Dionne McClain-Freeney: Piano
Deborah Berg, Sherryl Marshall: Back-up Vocals
Janet Laing: Composer/lead singer

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