Michael Wang

Bone of the Wang Volume One (NextLevel)

Trombonist Michael Wang brings his musical influences into an intimate jazz quartet setting. Consisting of nine original compositions and one jazz standard, this recording features the talents of Jonathan Elbaz on piano, Giuseppe Cucchiara on bass, Kazuhiro Odagiri on drums, and Juan Felipe Mejia Tobon on percussion. Recorded in September of 2018 in Big Orange Sheep Studio, this album documents Wang’s development as a jazz musician.

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Michael Wang - Trombone
Jonathan Elbaz - Piano
Giuseppe Cucchiara - Bass
Kazuhiro Odagiri - Drums
Juan Felipe Mejia Tobon - Percussion

Track Listing

  1. Jungle
  2. September 27th
  3. Toronto Adventures
  4. Man's Best Friend
  5. Anthropology
  6. Legend of the Falcon
  7. Honest Feelings
  8. Flowers at a Funeral
  9. Dream of Flying
  10. Groove Wang

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