Túlio Augusto

Blue Spell (Independent)

Túlio Augusto is Brazilian musician who holds a Bachelor degree in Composition and Conducting at the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil), Master in Music Composition at University of Aveiro (Portugal), Master in Music Education (Analysis and Composition Techniques) at University of Aveiro, and is pursuing a PhD in Composition at the University of Aveiro. Founder member of OCA (Oficina de Composição Agora), he has participated in cultural projects in several countries (such as Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, England, Israel, France, Spain, Denmark, Qatar and Italy).

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Túlio Augusto: guitar, harmonica, effects

Track Listing

  1. Witchcraft 02:53
  2. Labirinjito 02:49
  3. Blue Spell 02:24
  4. Can I Change My Mind 03:49
  5. Jesus bleibet meine Freude 02:21
  6. Sorcery Drops 02:16
  7. Magic Hymn 01:40
  8. So Far Away From Nothing 03:01
  9. Meditation 01:45
  10. Silent Night 04:12
  11. Enlightenment 02:45

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