Wlodek Gulgowski

Beyond Infinity (Soliton Poland)

WLODEK GULGOWSKI ”BEYOND INFINITY” Wlodek Gulgowski’s music won’t leave you indifferent. He offers many starting points for your perceptual associations and references. It is very rich artistically, pianistically and emotionally After musical studies he dedicated himself to improvisation and jazz, highly accredited in the jazz-fusion, with many succesful and influential albums, his works remained to be consistently influenced by classical music. It is clearly expressed on the truck nr 2 ”AFROVIBES”, where the rhythm is gradually finding it`s place in between the subtle and romantic piano lines It calms down for a while to give place for sonoric and picturesque

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Wlodek Gulgowski keyboards & all instruments

Track Listing

  1. Aleph Noll
  2. Afrovibes
  3. Axiom of Infinity
  4. Back Home Again
  5. Beyond Infinity
  6. 3 Fairy Tales
  7. Latin Reset
  8. With Grace&Dignity

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