Beth McKenna

Beyond Here (Independent)

Born in Nova Scotia and a Montrealer since 2008, Beth McKenna is one of Canada’s most versatile saxophonists/bandleaders/composers. Having studied with Christine Jensen, Darcy James Argue, Chet Doxas, Jim McNeely, Rémi Bolduc and John Roney, Beth debuted her newest work “Beyond Here” at the Montreal International Jazz Festival as part of a “Carte-blanche” invitation and nominated for the Grand Prix TD.

As an artist, Beth’s sound in her own compositions is more of a mix of cinematic & jazz-rock. Her inspiration comes from the desire to tell stories, open a conversation and take the listener to several different places.

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Beth McKenna - Tenor, Bari, Soprano, Alto Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet
Guillaume Martineau - Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, NORD
François Jalbert - Guitar & Effects
Olivier Babaz - Electric & Double Basses
Peter Colantonio - Drums
Sarah Rossy - Vocals

Track Listing

  1. 1. Intro: Beyond Here
  2. 2. Perspective
  3. 3. Interlude: Not Alone
  4. 4. Streets of Mexico City
  5. 5. Interlude: Finding a Place
  6. 6. Far from Familiar Ground
  7. 7. Tides
  8. 8. Divided to One
  9. 9. Interlude: Indifference
  10. 10. Letting Go
  11. 11. Interlude: Human Malfunction
  12. 12. Running Out
  13. 13. After the Storm
  14. 14. Ele(ctro)phant

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