Andreas Hellkvist

Becoming (Feppe Recirds)

Swedish Hammond phenomenon Andreas Hellkvist offers, with his second solo album, a fresh take on the sound and the style of the organ trio format. A journey into jazz and neighboring genres with compositions of his own. Although centered around the Hammond organ, his fellow musicians Samuel Hällkvist on guitar and Daniel Olsson on drums, each in their own way, play significant roles in shaping the sound of the trio. Together they create music that is both groovy and uplifting, heartfelt and deep.

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Andreas Hellkvist - Hammond B3
Samuel Hällkvist - guitar
Daniel Olsson - drums

Track Listing

  1. Let's get together
  2. Phases
  3. Just Flowin'
  4. Snowflakes
  5. Fall
  6. Tritlar
  7. Jesus

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