Jon Lundbom & Bryan Murray

Beats by Balto! Vol. 2 (Chant Records)

Chant Records is proud to announce the release of Beats by Balto! Vol. 2, the second volume in a collaboration between guitarist Jon Lundbom and saxophonist-turned-beat-constructor Bryan Murray (a.k.a. Balto Exclamationpoint). The concept – first explored in 2019’s Beats by Balto! Vol. 1 – is Big Five Chord (Lundbom’s long-time band), but with indie hip-hop-style beats built from extant Big Five Chord recordings (and other related material) in place of a live rhythm section.

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Bryan Murray - soprano, alto, c-melody, and tenor saxophones
Jon Irabagon - sopranino, soprano, mezzo-soprano, balto!, and tenor
saxophones; alto clarinet
Jon Lundbom - guitar
Matt Kanelos - keyboard
Moppa Elliott - bass
Nick Millevoi - guitar
Richard Mikel - bass
Sam Kulik - trombone
Beats by Balto Exclamationpoint

Track Listing

  1. 1. Battalions 3:52
  2. 2. Beat Like This 4:29
  3. 3. Big P (Interlude) 2:05
  4. 4. Tears and Fists 4:36
  5. 5. Ex Machina 5:02
  6. 6. Cap'n Crunch (Interlude) 2:06
  7. 7. Truck Gun 5:05
  8. 8. Enter! 5:02
  9. 9. Weak Sauce (Interlude) 1:35
  10. 10. Hot Shit 6:19

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