Virginia Schenck

Battle Cry (Airborne Ecstasy)

Virginia Schenck, known by the stage name VA, is an accomplished international vocal artist and jazz performer, utilizing both straight-ahead, spoken word, and free improvisation. VA is an imaginative vocalist with a broad stylistic reach. She can soothe her audience with a beautiful ballad, invigorate them with a re-imagined standard and challenge them with a powerful blast of free improvisation. Yet all of these aspects exist within one singular and unique voice.

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Track Listing

  1. Bali Hai VA 5:11
  2. Sack Full of Dreams 3:15
  3. Gettysburg Address 6:57
  4. America the Beautiful 5:18
  5. Abraham Martin & John 4:16
  6. Strange Fruit 6:31
  7. Hear My Battle Cry
  8. Pledge of Allegiance 4:38
  9. America the Beautiful Reprise

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz