Daniel Glass Trio

BAM! (Club44 Records)

Corral three of the busiest and most prolific musicians on the New York jazz scene into one collective musical entity and what do you get?  BAM!  Daniel Glass, Sean Harkness and Michael O’Brien together as the Daniel Glass Trio have created a virtuosic sound that is infectious, fun and incredibly entertaining.  With both a keen respect for musical history and a bent toward the innovative and adventurous, this recording never lets the listener get too comfortable in their stylistic expectations but always provides very satisfying twists and turns. 

Out Now


Daniel Glass (drums), Sean Harkness (guitar), Michael O'Brien (bass)

Track Listing

  1. Bolivia
  2. It Could Happen To You
  3. And Lost
  4. Smoke on the Water
  5. Ladybug
  6. The World Still Turns Around
  7. The Crippled Waltz
  8. On The Verge

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