Gustav Broman & Albin Vesterberg

Ballader (Klingkrum)

Gustav Broman & Albin Vesterberg Gustav Broman & Albin Vesterberg is a Swedish duo in contemporary jazz. They have been playing together extensively for the last 7 years and are both graduates from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm as well as the Dr Langner Jazz Master in Hamburg The duo has gained a reputation in Sweden and Germany for their twin-like interplay and counterpoint style of improvising.

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Gustav Broman - Bass
Albin Vesterberg - Guitar

Track Listing

  1. High Life (Broman)
  2. Low Life (Vesterberg)
  3. Dear Works Dear Works (Broman)
  4. 10 (Broman/Vesterberg)
  5. Aurora (Vesterberg)
  6. For All We Know (J. Fred Coots)

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