Christian Pabst

Balbec (jazzsick records)

Italy-based German pianist and composer Christian Pabst loves to travel to imaginary places. This time, he goes to Balbec – the famous city that you won’t find on any map and the literary inspiration for the new exhilarating abum. Together with German bassist and Jazz Echo – Winner André Nendza as well as Dutch drummer Erik Kooger, Pabst explores new musical horizons. Framed by the hopeful spirit of the energetic opening and closing songs, a poetic story emerges that evokes a wide range of fulfilling emotions.

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Christian Pabst - piano & rhodes
André Nendza - double-bass and electric bass
Erik Kooger - drums

Track Listing

  1. Revelation
  2. Snake
  3. Balbec
  4. Snow
  5. Storm
  6. Golden
  7. Flight
  8. All compositions by Christian Pabst

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