At the Age of Zero (Slow & Steady Records)

Led by guitarist Justin Rock, Bastet takes the art of improvisation and the art of the trio into edgy, unfiltered territory Founded in 2015, the band’s namesake comes from the Egyptian goddess of song and dance (as well as many other things), which Justin discovered after buying incense of the same name in San Francisco’s Haight neighborhood, where the band regularly performs The “grunge-jazz” or “grazz” trio brings Rock’s distinct compositional voice to life, featuring Bay Area stalwarts Giulio Xavier Cetto on bass and Mike Quigg on drums The trio’s contagious onstage chemistry comes from years playing and touring together,

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Justin Rock (guitar/vocals/composer)
Giulio Cetto (bass)
Mike Quigg (drums)

Special guests:
Danielle Wertz (vocals on track 1)
Javier Santiago (synth on track 1)
Becky Mimiaga (vocals on tracks 2 and 4)
Steven Lurgerner (bass clarinet on track 3)
Andrew Dixon (sax on track 5)
Ian Mcardle (keys on tracks 8,9, and 10)

Track Listing

  1. At The Age Of Zero
  2. Fuck You, I Love You
  3. Befriending Mr. Mundane
  4. Lude
  5. 60 Minute Special
  6. You've Got A Hardcore Face
  7. Think Peace
  8. Under A Beach Blanket
  9. Neon Thong
  10. I Am The Road
  11. Broken Blinds
  12. Palm Trees/Low Lights
  13. When It Rains
  14. There Is No Secret

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