Justin Robinson

At First Light (WJ3 Records)

At First Light is the latest offering by saxophonist Justin Robinson on the prestigious WJ3 Record label. In partnership with his tightly-woven ensemble (Ameen Saleem – double bass, Sharp Radway – piano, Jeremy “Bean” Clemons” – drum set), Robinson delivers the experience of witnessing the dawning of a new day’s light. Whether that “day” is a metonymy or a direct reference, it’s safe to believe that Justin reserves that interpretation for the listener.

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Justin Robinson - Saxophones
Sharp Radway - Piano
Ameen Saleem - Contra Bass
Jeremy "Bean" Clemons - Drums

Track Listing

  1. At First Light
  2. Inner Limits
  3. Lamentations For R And D
  4. Love Thy Father
  5. Cool Blues
  6. It Rained All Day In Rio
  7. Paula
  8. What's New

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