Matt Renzi

Arm-Sized Legging (Three P's Records)

Multi-reedist Matt Renzi has been performing professionally for the past 20 years at international jazz festivals and music venues worldwide.
For the past decade, he has been recognized multiple times by jazz organizations in Italy, Spain, Belgium, India and Israel as well as in the United States for his advanced concepts in spontaneous group composition and collective improvisation with The Matt Renzi Trio. Matt can be heard on a variety of recordings including the award winning “Lines and Ballads” (Fresh Sound Records) as well as his latest release entitled “Arm Sized Legging” featuring his Chamber Jazz ensemble.

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Matt Renzi- saxophone/clarinet/alto flute/bass clarinet
Jessica Ivry/ Daniela Petracchi- cello
John Wiitala- bass
Tim Bulkley- drum

All compositions by Matt Renzi

Track Listing

  1. Twenty Six for Three
  2. Cave Tune
  3. Running Late
  4. Alfama
  5. Hop Skip and a Jump
  6. Little Idea
  7. Family Picnic
  8. Alfama II

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