Griffith Hiltz Trio

Arcade (GB Records)

At an undisclosed location in a city somewhere in Canada, the highly guarded script for the greatest movie never made was born – featuring pirates, evil robot squids and a heroic one-armed football player. Long time friends and collaborators Nathan Hiltz and Johnny Griffith, spent many post-gig hours creating characters and worlds like the ones they lost themselves in as kids. They brought that sense of adventure into jam sessions and wasn’t long before the Griffith Hiltz Trio was born.

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Johnny Griffith - Alto & Tenor Saxophones/Analogue Synthesizers
Nathan Hiltz - Guitar/Bass Pedals
Neil MacIntosh - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Movie Theme III: Transmogrification
  2. Do Not Engage
  3. W.C.W.
  4. Roberta's Quest
  5. Ladies from the Eighties
  6. Another Day in Paradise
  7. Paper War
  8. Kidnapped By Danger!
  9. Rocket Surgeon
  10. Space Hunter
  11. Thunder Ninja
  12. Play the Game
  13. Movie Theme IV: End of Line

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