Kevin Toney

An Evening with Kevin Toney and Friends – Jazz Legacy (K-Tone Enterprises)

Let it be stated – no shouted from the highest mountain top – that the root source of piano virtuoso Kevin Toney’s dynamic musical artistry has ALWAYS been hardcore straight-ahead Jazz As an A+ disciple of the Art Tatum’s, Oscar Peterson’s, McCoy Tyner’s, Errol Garner’s, and Herbie Hancock’s of the idiom (as well as Detroit-born schoolmate of Geri Allen), Kevin Toney began his journey into the dexterous essence of Jazz absorbing the richness and excellence of its most exploratory players.

Available 2023-03-24
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Kevin Toney -piano
Azar Lawrence -tenor saxophone
Dominique Toney - vocals
Kamau Kenyatta - soprano saxophone

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Lush Life
  3. Rejoice
  4. Happy Dance
  5. Dominique Intro
  6. Lullaby of Birdland – featuring Dominique Toney
  7. Kamau Kenyatta Intro
  8. Love is on My Side – featuring Dominique Toney & Kamau Kenyatta
  9. I Can’t Take That Intro
  10. I Can’t Take That – featuring Dominique Toney
  11. A Sentimental Mood – featuring Azar Lawrence
  12. Squeeze Me

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz