Miguel Muziq

An Angel’s Healing (Viva La Musica)

Miguel’s roots as an expert Latin guitarist co-exist alongside a clear understanding of modern jazz, bound together with a range of influences from his Mediterranean-Cypriot upbringing.

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Miguel Muziq guitar & a whole host of specal guest (please see track listing).

Track Listing

  1. 1. MI CORAZÓN (Intro)
  2. 2. LATIN VILLAGE feat Emanuel Harrold and Yelfris Valdés
  3. 3. FRITH STREET feat Keyon Harrold and Emanuel Harrold
  5. 5. TO THE APOLLO (Interlude) feat Jay Phelps, Emanuel Harrold and Jahmal Nichols.
  6. 6. JAZZ DREAM feat Jackson Mathod and Yelfris Valdés
  7. 7. TO ANGEL STAR, LOVE PAPA feat Keyon Harrold, Tivon Pennicott, Jahmal Nichols and Emanuel Harrold
  8. 8. HAVANA TO CYPRUS feat Yelfris Valdés
  9. 9. SALSA NÚMERO UNO feat Jansen Santana
  10. 10. EL CARNAVAL feat Mario Yañez
  11. 11. UNA CANCIÓN PARA PALMA (Interlude) feat Eikel Venegas
  12. 12. KUMHARAS
  13. 13. TIRED EYES feat Keyon Harrrold and Emanuel Harrold
  14. 14. LIFE GOES ON

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