John von Seggern

Ambient Bass Guitar (Vibration Institute)

I played bass and electronics with ambient music pioneer Jon Hassell from 2014-2020 and designed the final software-based iteration of his live/studio rig, which we used in the sessions for his last two albums, Listening to Pictures and Seeing Through Sound. This current album began to take shape in 2022 when I took the software setup I’d made for Jon and used it with my bass guitar, opening up new frontiers of sonic exploration. I also decided to take Jon’s approach to record here: each track is one take, with no edits or overdubs

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Track Listing

  1. 1 Unfolding - Origami melodies unfold complex patterns of emotion and humanity.
  2. 2 Adumbrations - Sensing echoes of meaning backward in time.
  3. 3 Wanderers - We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. (Carl Sagan)
  4. 4 Vision - Seeking a new identity to survive the future.
  5. 5 Reflections - Discerning reality and communicating ideas becomes more difficult
  6. 6 Projections - Thoughtforms become reality.
  7. 7 Mood - Is this your mood too? Undercurrent of tension of our restless hyperactive present
  8. 8 Attunement - Attuning to powerful energies from beyond.
  9. 9 Intonement - Spiritual ritual. Archaic ceremony. Supreme power.
  10. 10 The Gate - The sound of hammered metal opens a gateway to another world.
  11. 11 Aftermath - Living in the aftermath. Seeking love and meaning among the ruins
  12. 12 Traces - Traces may be all that is left.

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