Florian Weiss' Woodoism

Alternate Reality (NWog Records)

It is a rare stroke of luck when a completely new piece of music triggers the spontaneous impression that one has known it for decades. This is undoubtedly true of Alternate Reality, the third album by the Swiss band Woodoism, based on trombonist Florian Weiss. The ten tracks, recorded with trombone, saxophone, double bass and drums – and with flute and glockenspiel at selected moments – seem as familiar as a warm coat in a snowstorm. Everything is brand new and exciting, and yet instantly becomes music that’s deeply ingrained in the body. (Wolf Kampmann)

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Linus Amstad - altosax/flute
Florian Weiss - trombone
Valentin v. Fischer - double bass
Philipp Leibundgut - drums/glockenspiel

Track Listing

  1. 1) Inhale, Exhale
  2. 2) Shivering Timbers
  3. 3) Valse des Papillons de Nuit
  4. 4) Wabi-Sabi
  5. 5) The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep
  6. 6) Feuer im Termitenhügel
  7. 7) Fuge für A.
  8. 8) Alternate Reality (Visiting Oz)
  9. 9) Alternate Reality II (Delirium)
  10. 10) Alternate Reality III (Awakening)

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