Allusion (WM records)

With an approach ruling out any preconceived idea of what may occur, wav.migration, a group of four core musicians and some additional guests, endeavors to create freely improvised sonic landscapes. Recorded in the moment, and with very little after the fact editing and mixing, the music has a life of its own, evolving and morphing into new shapes, colors and textures over time.

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Barry Coates - Guitar
Carl Sealove - Bass
Jerry Kalaf - Drums
Scott Breadman - Percussion
* Rick Marvin - Piano / Synth
* Sam Riney - Alto Flute

Track Listing

  1. N.Y.C. 4AM
  2. Pot Like Midnight
  3. Looks Like Rain
  4. Wires Crossed
  5. Ohm
  6. Where's Carl
  7. Tartaria
  8. Paradise No More
  9. Nardis

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