The Leonisa Ardizzone Quartet

all in good time (2 Strange Cats)

A musician all her life, Ardizzone found jazz in her twenties. Living her life in “Yes!” Leonisa rarely backed down from an opportunity for discovery. Rev Dr. Ardizzone is a biologist, peace educator, Unitarian Universalist Minister, and leader of the Leonisa Ardizzone Quartet. The LAQ formed in 1997 & released two critically acclaimed CDs. In 2010, shortly after the release of the second album, Ardizzone found herself a solo mom, and her focus was squarely on raising her child. But, now that her daughter is older, she’s back. The band’s third album, all in good time was released June 2019.

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Leonisa Ardizzone - Vocals
Jess Jurkovic - Piano
Mark Wade - Bass
Justin Jay Hines - Drums

Track Listing

  1. My One Bad Habit
  2. Estate
  3. Girl Afraid
  4. When Hagar Ran
  5. Kid
  6. Our Lips Are Sealed
  7. Ischia
  8. Someday My Prince Will Come
  9. Cyclone
  10. This I Dig of You

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