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Agô (RopeADope)

Dendê is a percussionist, singer, composer, bandleader, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist He’s been a professional musician since the age of 14, when he appeared in the frontline of Timbalada, Carlinhos Brown’s superstar percussion ensemble Over the past two decades, Dendê & Band have performed at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles; the KW Latinfest in Canada; the Penang World Music Festival in Malaysia; the Kalalu Festival in Saint Lucia, Summerdance and Old Town School in Chicago the Lincoln Center Atrium in NYC among many others.

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Recorded at Rittenhouse Soundworks, engineered by Michael Richelle and Jim Hamilton by Frances Mbappe (bass), Dariel Peniazek (guitar), Daniel Belquer (piano), Benhur Oliveira (drumset), Leslie Macedo (percussion) and Dende Macedo (percussion and vocals.)

Additional percussion for Moça,Sextou, Epê Babá, Crioula, Feira, Homem da Justiça, Black Lives Matter, Ago and Yemanja recorded at Terreiro Pop Studio in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil by Kaina Do Jêje, Luizinho Do Jêje, Marcio Brasil, Tiago Nunes, engineered by Citnes Dias. Additional guitar and basses recorded by Gigi Cerqueira and guitar by Jackson Almeida

Additional percussion on You Can Dance recorded at Pracatum by Elbermario Barbosa, Lucas Vinicius Xavier Gualberto and Danilo Nascimento Gualberto.

Additional percussion, sound effects, piano, bass, guitar recorded by Mauricio Lucian (percussion), Emerson Ferreira (percussion), Rodrigo Anjos (keyboard), Jackson Menezes (drumset) and Júnior Israel (bass).

Vocals and additional percussion recorded at Dendezeiros Studio by Dendê Macedo and Leslie Macedo.

Horns recorded by Reudes Nogueira (tenor sax), Everaldo Pequeno (trumpet), Alex Cachoeira (trombone). Additional trombone on Crioula recorded by Alex Cachoeira

Back vocals on Moça, Sextou, Epê Babá, Crioula, Feira de São Joaquim, Homem da Justiça, Yemanjá, Saudades: Joelma Silva, Guto Lopes and Karyne Rosselle

Felipe Hostins - accordion
Gerson Silva - guitars on Crioula
Mikael Mutti - keyboards on Crioula
Ximbinha - guitars on Moça
Keinho - cavaquinho on Moça
Dice Raw - rap on Crioula
Antoine Roney - sax on You Can Dance

Editing, mixing and mastering by Fausto Meu Nobre and Hugo Elias
Executive Production by Leslie Macedo and Dende Macedo

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