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After The Real Thing (Ubuntu Music)

Originally from Israel, Roy Mor is an international pianist, composer, and arranger, whose music has been described as “modern and daring yet remains firmly rooted in the jazz tradition, cutting seamlessly across many moods” (La Repubblica). His playing has been referred to as both “melodic” and “energetic”, and his compositions as having “a genuine quality that flows seamlessly from his inner voice as a player – strong, evocative, harmonically complex and rhythmically alive” (Jane Ira Bloom). Roy’s artistic journey illustrates his varied facets and interests. He ultimately moved to New York and pursue his true passion: music.

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Roy Mor - piano on all tracks, Fender rhodes and piano on (4)
Amos Hoffman - oud (1), (3), (8). Guitar (6), (9)
Myles Sloniker - bass on all tracks except (2), (5), (7), (11)
Itay Morchi - drums on all tracks except (2), (5), (7), (11)
Davy Lazar - flugelhorn (4)
Marty Kenney - bass (2), (7)
Peter Traunmueller - drums (2), (7)
Joel Kruzic - bass (11)
Jeremy Dutton - drums (11).

Track Listing

  1. 1. THE ECHO SONG (Yohanan Zarai) 06:26
  2. 2. AFTER THE REAL THING (Roy Mor) 04:30
  3. 3. JERUSALEM MEZCLA (Roy Mor) 07:27
  4. 4. NIKANOR (Roy Mor) 06:12
  5. 5. DAYBREAK (Roy Mor) 00:50
  6. 6. SOLAR REIMAGINED (Roy Mor) 05:13
  7. 7. SPEAK LOW (Kurt Weill) 06:05
  8. 8. DO YOU KNOW THE WAY (Efraim Shamir) 04:05
  9. 9. THE FOLLOWER (Roy Mor) 05:06
  10. 10. PLAYGROUND (Roy Mor) 04:31
  11. 11. THE NEARNESS OF YOU - Live (Hoagy Carmichael) 07:28

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