Henrik Jensen's Followed By Thirteen

Affinity (Babel Label)

“The balance between composed and improvisation, as in the best jazz, disappears so that one is left with a complete and perfectly coherent quartet performance.”
Chris Baber, Jazzviews.”

Henrik Jensen’s Followed By Thirteen is a quartet following in the footsteps of other great traditional jazz bass band leaders like Dave Holland, Charles Mingus and Drew Gress.

Between them they have created work with some of the biggest names in jazz including The Puppini Sisters, Jamie Cullum and Nostalgia 77. Their third album Affinity is out on Friday 20th March, an emphatic, melodic sound taking inspiration from their well-travelled background.

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Rory Simmons - Trumpet
Esben Tjalve - Piano
Henrik jensen - Bass
Pete Ibbetson - Drums

Track Listing

  1. Henrik Jensen’s ‘Followed By Thirteen’ - Hi Dee Dee
  2. Gentle Giant
  3. The Belsham Palm
  4. Darvin
  5. Chaoyang Park
  6. Villa Helene
  7. Four For A Boy

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