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Adventures In Improvised Music (Envelope Records)

Genre blurring composer and producer knimes is the sort of artist who never neatly fits into any one box. The music he makes is heavily influenced by his ongoing journey, exploring rhythms and sounds. His willfullness and strong need to improvise, together with his skills as a drummer, shape his sonic explorations. The result is the documentation of his continuous adventures in music. With this new album, knimes fulfills a long-cherished desire to record and release his compositions on vinyl. For this he started the Acoustig Group.

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Jose Cervera - Alto Saxophone
Yiannis Marinos - Trombone
Ignacio Santoro - Double Bass
knimes - drums

Track Listing

  1. 3:12
  2. A Journey Through Sound and Colors
  3. D.C.
  4. Clean
  5. The Haunt
  6. Be a Vampire
  7. Waltz for Gloria
  8. Birth of Joy

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