Ruth Saphir

Accolades of Time (Orchard of Pomegranates)

On this, her fifth album, Ruth Saphir ventures into profound internal conversations with her ancestors, with an imagined child, with broken loves. We are invited to journey inward with her, stepping through the Accolades of Time, in a beautifully crafted book of songs. Ruth navigates the deep oceans of time, in a journey of self exploration that is both personal and universal. In these compositions she harmonizes the tangible and the imagined, as the dream, the nightmare and the awakened reality all resonate. The songs on this album were written and composed by her (with the exception of Lost at Sea, co-written with Cedric Speyer).
The album opens with Ancestral Shadows, inviting us to embrace the shadows we carry throughout our lives, followed by the lyrical
question: “Where Do Dreams Go?”— dreams being the safe space to escape the grief and sorrows of waking life. Ruth, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, gives voice to her shadows and dreams with grace, humor and sensuality. The album closes with the title track, Accolades of Time, asking “Could we step onto a stage / Into the spotlight, into the limelight / Through the Accolades of Time?”
In this album, Ruth does just that, putting her heart vulnerably in the spotlight, inviting us to hear our own stories within hers.
When Ruth writes “If you really want the rhythm, find it in your body,” she knows what she is talking about. For over 25 years, Ruth has been a music therapist and sound healer, working with adults and youths to address their physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. This extensive experience informs her holistic approach to music. “Composing and improvising sustain and nurture my creative soul” she says.
“I wish you wonder, I hope your heart aligns with mine”
Orchard of Pomegranates (OoP) was founded in 2019. Ruth has been part of this juicy international community since its very early days. OoP has come to be like a family for creatives who explore different music and sound-related practices through work-sharing, workshops, live performances and more. The OoP label was born in 2021, out of our collective desire to bring some of the works created within this community into the world.
The remarkable band that accompanies Ruth here have been significant members of the OoP community. They also happen to be some of Montreal’s finest jazz musicians. Pianist Kate Wyatt and her life partner, contrabassist Adrian Vedady, are two of the most in-demand jazz musicians in Montréal. Here, their distinct sounds inform every piece on the album, giving it groove and swing. From Korea and Canada, Mili Hong is a magical young drummer. She shines on the opening track, Ancestral Shadows, where she masterfully solos over an asymmetrical groove in 15/8. Lastly, guest artist Geneviève Gauthier is a saxophonist who is particularly passionate about improvisation. She virtuosically performs and records with a variety of ensembles spanning from jazz to pop to free improvisation. You can hear her blowing on the tracks Ancestral Shadows and Go Home.
Ruth’s vision, voice and songwriting tie together all of these components into a well-rounded and profound work of art that beckons you to hear it on repeat.

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Kate Wyatt - Piano
Adrian Vedady - Bass
Mili Hong - Drums
Genevieve Gauthier - Sax
Ayelet Gottlieb - Producer

Track Listing

  1. Ancestral Shadows
  2. Where Do Dreams Go
  3. Hand-Me-Down Clothes
  4. Lost At Sea
  5. Go Home
  6. Untethered
  7. Twinkle Twinkle
  8. Find It In Your Body
  9. Accolades of Time

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