Joanie Pallatto

Accidental Melody (Southport Records)

ACCIDENTAL MELODY is the the fourth album JOANIE PALLATTO has recorded with all original music and features co-producer and esteemed jazz guitarist FAREED HAQUE. Pallatto is particularly adept at writing lyrics, which are by turn philosophical, romantic, and quite clever.
Described by Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune as having “a stirring and special voice,” vocalist and songwriter Joanie Pallatto has been a mainstay on the Chicago music scene for over 44 years. A studio singer and an independent recording and performing artist, she is the co-owner with Sparrow of Southport Records, which has produced hundreds of recordings for Chicago musicians.

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Joanie Pallatto
Fareed Haque
John Christensen
Eric Hines
Juan Pastor
Bradley Parker-Sparrow

Track Listing

  1. 1. Surrender
  2. 2. Accidental Melody
  3. 3. Apart
  4. 4. You Think You Know
  5. 5. A Shooting Star
  6. 6. The Melody Of You
  7. 7. Don’t Ever Look For Love
  8. 8. The Cuckoo Clock
  9. 9. In The Middle Of Life
  10. 10. Sound
  11. 11. Lafayette
  12. 12. Keeping Track Of Time
  13. 13. The Lost Year

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