Matteo Mosolo

a restless night (self production)

Eccentric and versatile musician, curious and committed artist, always alerted to new sounds but also a big lover of music history from jazz to rock, to classical music Matteo Mosolo (1985) is a musician from Udine, Italy. Graduated in classical double bass in 2011 He is so active in north italian jazz scene. His first solo doublebass album “Isolation” is from 2020. HE also plays the guitar focusing on less conventional artists like Marc Ribot or Jonny Greenwood In September 2021 there will be released his first LP for solo classical guitar “a restless night”.

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Matteo Mosolo - Classical Guitar

Track Listing

  1. 1. insomnia
  2. 2. mental journey (main theme)
  3. 3. the dance of the failing mateships
  4. 4. goodwill
  5. 5. nightglow
  6. 6. inner fight
  7. 7. epiphanic disillusion
  8. 8. still insomnia
  9. 9. move on
  10. 10. scars
  11. 11. mental journey (reprise)
  12. 12. dawnlight breath

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