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A Life to Live (Spirit of World Drumming)

My goal since the beginning of this project is to combine Jazz with World Music. Most importantly to bring together local professional musicians from Sudbury, Ontario – Canada to celebrate this up-lifting form of music. Musicians of all ages were involved with this project. There were over 30 musicians who participated in this recording experience. Including my grandson Reid Stewart of 4 years old.

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Jeff Stewart
Anna Stewart
Joe Reda
Tony Simpkin
Allan Walsh
Blair McNally
Michale Malett
Angie McBride
Emilio Portal
Emi Murakami Nault
Giovanni Damiano Presenza
Kiyan Lautenschlager
Yusei Matsumoto
Dennis Maberry
Claude Leblanc
Murielle Jacques
Rosmarie Mirfield
Tony Jurgilas
Dick Perra
Peter Scherzinger
Marc Taillefer
Tia Dawn Graham
Jean-Yve Begin
Will Himsl
Courtney Quebec
Brian Quebec
Dominica Frometa
David Jeffrey
Peter Nelson
Daniel Bedard
Nathan Stewart
Reid Stewart

Track Listing

  1. Afromania
  2. Fiengo
  3. Funky Ffej
  4. Live Life
  5. Sunnyside of Life
  6. Shout Out
  7. SOCA Madness
  8. Solitude to Life
  9. Spirit of Life
  10. Time is a Special Place
  11. Doo ba-ba-ba It’s Christmas Time

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