4:00 AM (PIAS Records)

The music in 4:00 AM, the new recording by the Paris-based power roots trio Delgres, sounds gritty and full of energy It’s a brand of Creole blues built on strands of African and French Caribbean culture, Mississippi blues storytelling, and New Orleans grooves. The lyrics, sung mostly in Creole, address issues such as poverty, slavery, and the struggles of the immigrant searching for a better life It’s a powerful combination that conjures the spirit of the blues to speak up, but also celebrate and heal. “The blues is not sad music,” says singer, songwriter, and guitarist Pascal Danae, the founder.

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Pascal Danae – lead vocal, dobro (resonator guitar), backing vocals, keyboard, percussion
Rafgee – sousaphone, backing vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, percussion
Baptiste Brondy – drums, percussion, guitar, backing vocals, keyboard

Track Listing

  1. 4:00 em maten
  2. Aleas
  3. Assez Assez
  4. Se Mo La
  5. Lundi Mardi Mercredi
  6. Ban Mwen on Chanson
  7. Just Vote for Me
  8. Ke Aw
  9. Libere Mwen
  10. L'ecole
  11. Lese Mwen Ale
  12. La Penn

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