Manuel Muzzu

3-ree (indipendent)

Born in Sardinia (italy) June 25 1967, start play bass guitar wen I was 12 years old, graduate at Musician Institute L.A. in 1994 as a professional bassplayer, and graduate on University of Music Rome. Session player for many artist and studio player for many label, I have three albums on my own name named in multiple radio jazz charts. The last one released on 2 July 2020 titled “3-ree.”

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Hello, my name is Manuel Muzzu, and I'm a 50 old musician and composer from Italy.
I'm a bass player musician and composer graduate at M.I. Los Angeles as a professional bass player, and at U.M Rome.
I have a handicap on my right hand, that prevent me to use all my fingers.
My album is a concentrate of various style of jazz (smooth jazz, Latin jazz, fusion jazz funk-jazz) played with phenomenal musicians.

Track Listing

  1. Give a Fu(n)k
  2. Kosong
  3. Giant Step
  4. A Place To Be
  5. Soca Suca
  6. Smoothazz
  7. Stay Right To The Bottom
  8. Just A lullaby

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