Igor Willcox Quartet

2020 (Room 73 Records)

Formed by Igor Willcox (drums/compositions), Vini Morales (electric piano/synth), Wagner Barbosa (saxophone), and Glecio Nascimento bass) featuring elements of jazz fusion. The group – which plays original compositions, exploring all musicality, spontaneity, and synergy – has achieved great notoriety in the instrumental music scene, standing out and performing in the most important festivals and Jazz clubs around the world such as Blue Note, Yardbird Suite (Canada), Bourbon Street, Sescs, North City Jazz Festival (Serbia), Santos Jazz Festival, São Paulo Jazz Festival, Play Jazz Festival, MB Jazz (Souza Lima Berklee), etc…

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Wagner Barbosa - saxophone
Vini Morales - piano
Glecio Nascimento - bass
Igor Willcox - drums/composer

Track Listing

  1. Single: 2020

The Authoritative Voice in Jazz