Michael Pagán – “Subir e Cair”

Described as a “brilliant and intense” pianist by KC Confidential and a “dynamic artist and musical force in today’s jazz world” by All About Jazz, Michael Pagán has performed for 40 years throughout the United States and Europe. He’s appeared on 25 recordings, and currently chairs the music department at Ottawa University in Kansas. His latest album, 2+2, features the vibraphonist Greg Carroll.


The tune “Subir e Cair” (Portuguese for “Rise and Fall”) replicates its titular wavelike motion through variations in timbre and texture. The overall mood is one of probing lyricism, but the song does not lack for moments of levity and play. In fact, there’s a kinetic aspect to much of Pagán’s music, and on “Subir e Cair,” swirls of piano and vibraphone combine to create fascinating musical patterns.

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